luxury concierge & your VIP nightlife.

From VIP table booking to tailoring your arrival in a private jet
.. we take care of EVERYTHING!

Take part in the most prestigious events in the world, daily handpicked by our staff. VIP private parties, selection of restaurants, most select nightclubs, etc..


What is it?

VIPLYZ is the Uber of luxury & nightlife. We provide cutting-edge technology allowing a one-click VIP services booking : yachts, bodyguards, VIP tables, etc... Offering unforgettable experiences, such is our motto. That's why our services go even further than a simple client-provider connection.

Our services

Book, customize, live the VIPLYZ experience!


Quick & easy yacht booking service, where we can also organize any private event.


Book a table in our selection of prestigious restaurants.

Private-jets & Helicopters

Instantaneous estimates and available within an hour. Travel in more than +1200 destinations.

Personal assistant 24/24

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our live chat feature integrated to our app.


High-end luxury villas booking service, where we can also organize any private event.

Bitcoin, Cash & Bank card

Automatic debit from your bank card. We also accept bitcoin & cash payments.

Bodyguards & luxury cars

Luxury-class sedan, and sports cars, with or without driver. VIP security service at any time.

Share the expenses

Premium feature allowing you to share the bill with your friends and/or any other VIPLYZ users.

VIP Tables

Book your VIP table in our selection of nightclubs or private VIP events.

Connection between VIP clients

Unity is strength. Share your VIP table with other VIPLYZ users, share the expenses with them. Learn more

Always with a pleasant company!

We connect you with some female/male groups, carefully selected, who want to join your table. Learn more

Guaranteed entry & no-queuing

We will not roll out the red carpet, but almost... Make a memorable entrance!

VIPLYZ guide

A VIPLYZ guide will take care of you all night long, waiting for you in front of the entrance.

VIPLYZ private events

Take part in VIPLYZ exclusive events organised in private islands, yachts, rooftops, villas..

Tailored events organisation service

Before-party on a yacht, after-party in a hotel suite, or other... just click and we organize it!

Share the expenses

Premium feature allowing you to share the bill with your friends and/or any other VIPLYZ users.

Learn more

- Soon available in +45 destinations

See the full list

Key feature n°1 : A unique alliance system

We are stronger together. Our app connects you with other VIP customers in order to share the costs. This feature can be useful in various situations :

  • Book an ultra-VIP table instead of a VIP one.
  • Book a VIP table despite your lower budget than the minimum required.
  • Book a high-end luxury villa, yacht or private jet and share the space.

1. Create a table
with 'Alliance' option
2. Your table promoted
on our network.
3. Joined by VIPs,
your table is ready!

Key feature n°2 : Always with a pleasant company!

Are you a group of male or female? Would the party not be better shared with a pleasant company? Our established network solves this issue. Add your selection criteria (sex, age, height, ...), then meticulously selected from the elite (models and so on), VIPLYZ invites these people to join your table.
WARNING : We don't connect you with escorts but rather with people who want to party.

Organize your VIP journey in 1-Click

Example of a VIPLYZ user's typical day.

Day 1 Earlier that day
John is getting ready for a busy day and customized it with VIPLYZ.
Rolls Royce
A private chauffeur picks him up in a Rolls Royce.

John has an extremely important business meeting. Looking as presentable as possible is crucial.

helicoptere viplyz
An helicopter is waiting for him at the airfield

Due to an emergency, John has to immediately go to Saint-Tropez from Cannes within two hours. When reached, a private driver will welcome him.

yacht viplyz
Relieve stress on a yacht

At the end of his intense day, he needs to release stess and the worries of the day in the middle of the sea.

Later that day
Still in St-Tropez, an unknown territory to him, John is in a festive mood.
Restaurant prestigieux
Dinner in a prestigious restaurant

He invites all his Tropezian friends and that's how a very promising evening starts.

John Doe
A before-party organised in a villa

Nothing better to raise the temperature of the group than a private before-party in a beautiful & luxurious place.

John Doe
Expected in the most select nightclub

Arrived in an Aston Martin car, the group is welcomed by a VIPLYZ guide followed by bodyguards & a female group. The guide waves the VIPLYZ flag as he passes rows of customers to proceed to the entry without queuing. They get seated in there VIP table, where they are getting ready to take part in an unforgettable night!

- Work with VIPLYZ and become our partner!